Thursday, March 8, 2012


This place will be revived.
I am addicted to draw something people--add me!

Okay my life has been work work work and trying to sort out my mind and think about my future since I received my results last friday. Well basically, i had to struggle between which university to choose from (i hope i can choose them), financial aspect of being a uni student as well as time management.
I really hope i can make it into a university with a course of my choice. This aint too much right--just grant me my wish please. Psyschology please please please, cos doubt my family can afford it if i pursue my dream career of being a vet--need to travel overseas.

Enough about the academic worries, on a lighter note; guess what man!
I am gonna be able to meet THE CAB!! yes, hopefully i get the tickets seriously. If you haven't heard of their songs, please check them out! Intoxicated, temporary bliss, bad, angel with a shotgun. Seriously, LISTEN TO THEM!!

Side track side track. Work at NUS--6 days left.
Though i prize my sleep greater than the monetary benefit from work, i hate to admit it but i'll miss working w them. Rly taught me alot of things. Well, I got a another job that has flexible-r work schedule and i get to play with kids. Plus it's near my house--i can save on my travelling expenses as well as travelling time.

Wish me luck.

And just fyi, this is what i've been doing for the past month.
(excluding work)

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