Monday, July 11, 2011

Fell through the stars

Just got back my papers and I totally screwed it up.
If you must know i'm kinda like a perfectionist wanting to excel in everything and i guess the higher i hoped, the harder i fell. Totally demoralized and uncertain about my academic abilities right now.

Prelims in 6 weeks time.

Oh did I tell you how glad I was to have heard jayesslee live?
They were really awesome and thanks to my friend's friend (yeah, connections) that we attended service at CHC that day. My heart really wrenched when I heard their story, and I was so shocked that their story is soooooo similar to mine. Check them out here.


Vera said...

Don't doubt yourself! Things will work out and remember that there's no one measure of your academic (or any other) abilities!

Seraphina L. said...

Thanks vera for that lovely comment. Really appreciate it :) Btw, your site is such an inspiration!