Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daytime nightgown

Hey guys, currently i'm still surviving well except for the super dark circles haunting both my eyes (due to severe insomnia) and yes, the god damn dreaded outbreaks! Really hate it when I get outbreaks when it comes to exam periods man. Okay I think i should start taking care of my body and start living healthily. Start eating proper meals (no junk food/oily food) and try sleeping well.

Okay have found a few tips on how to get good sleep man.
Thought i'd share it, if you're suffering the same problem that is.

1.Keep a regular sleep cycle
2.Keep noise level down when you sleep
3.Ensure dark environment and cool environment for sleeping
(eye masks come in handy as well as that electric fan/air conditioner)
4.Stop eating/ snacking at nights
5.Cut down on caffeine
6.Get regular exercise! (me like!)

Maybe i'll try some aromatherapy thingy and start playing classical music at night just to get me in the moood for some goood sleep. (I really need to rest)

Oh and i was just introduced to the idea of a 'Daytime Nightgown'.
I think it's awesome.

photo:danny kim

Oh and just a quick note:
I'm gonna do a DIY soon :)


purse 'n boots said...

im allllll about the nightgown during the day!!!! and these pictures are so beautiful!! thank you soooooo much for your sweet comments, they always make my day! much love!

ashley <3

Seraphina L. said...

I'll bet plus that special skill of mixing and matching accessories, you're gonna look stunning in that dress! Looking forward to it one day. :)
& Thanks so much for your sweet comments too.

Seraphina L.