Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What happened to simplicity?

Still trying my best to figure out what's the best method to study productively man. Still experimenting here and there. Trying to figure out whether is it the environment, the company, the subjects... While thinking of these, i kinda questioned myself why in the world am i wasting time here when i should get down to do some work. But i guess my mental is not strong enough, i kinda just brush it off and start on my super duper loooooooooong so called 'break' from studying.

Study seems more of a chore man.
Maybe it's cos of the way of living or the stress that we have to endure, i kinda forgotten the eagerness and excitement to learn something new. Maybe if the kids who are deprived of an opportunity of studying would learn better and be more motivated as compared to me. Okay i feeeeeel 24981329876257620486108273 guilty now. (i'll bet you are too)

Sometimes there are too many what ifs and maybe in life that i'm doubting everything man. I feel soooo bloody old now thinking of such a complex world.. Why can't everything be simple??

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