Monday, June 27, 2011

Silver Linings

Currently I really wanna try out a different style.
Initially I loved wearing black, grey all those dark colours, then there was a time when i was really in love with drapes and cropped tops. But now I wanna try a more bohemian feel I suppose but I am still not daring enough to pair a denim shirt and knit shorts like this.

I think I'll need more practice and try to muster my courage to try out different things. After all nothing in fashion is as rigid as mathematics. Pardon me for randomly bringing my studies back in here. (Currently it's the stressful exam period D: ) Okay, back to the topic. I guess I got inspired by the ever gorgeous twins MKA and the beautiful sienna miller. :))) Don't you just agree that their dress sense is timeless?

Oh and since i chopped off my long locks to settle for middle length, I've been missing my hair like crazy! Well I do like the way i look now but I miss being able to do so many hairstyles with my hair. I'm currently following the summer trend- braids! Wooohooo, braids ahoy! And it's sooo not comforting that i recently found so many different ways to braid my hair.
Are you into braids as much as i am? HAHAHAS!

Photos aren't mine.


purse 'n boots said...

try the shorts---they will look great on you! you will looooove them! you won't know until you try ;) thanks for the super sweet comment! much love

ashley <3

Seraphina L. said...

I'll get my hands on one of them soon yeah, hopefully it'll turn out alright. :) Thanks for dropping by this small space. :)

Love your style!!! :D