Friday, June 24, 2011


Major failure for studying today.
In the end after chit chatting i tried to cram a lil info into my mind but i fell asleep at the library man!! Can you believe it, I slept in the library! (Okay, not that unbelievable actually)

Oh well, I think today's an auspicious day on the calender.
Ms Ong Mrs Tham got married today. Not the actual banquet thing but it is ROM! Okay i swear the venue I had in mind was some cliche place where every single couple-to-be-married will be sitting in the front with the 2 witnesses then we'll just be watching then leave after they sign that certificate. But kudos to Mrs tham. That wasn't the case. And OMG did I forgot to mention that she looooks freaking pretty today! Totally hot man.
(Well, I guess it's expected)

Okay first the place was really pretty. It is at the NUSS guild house above suntec city if you guys have no idea where it is. It seems like a rather decent ballroom but the ROM was so simple and well, awesome! Totally suited the couple's image in my mind i guess. And they were sooooo cute! They kinda had to say this cliche thing to each other but then they didn't do it looking at each other so had to redo the speech. Then there was the part where they said: Oh yeah, haven't open the champagne bottle yet. Hahahas! It was just simple and sweet. Nothing tooo extravagant, well you could really feel happiness filling up the room.

Yea man wonder why am i so excited over this?
1. Mrs tham is my CCA teacher!
2. My first time to attend a ROM
3. Great company, great couple
4. Great food (or is everything tasty once I'm hungry?)
yeah peeps and the list just goes on and on..

Oh well, photos next time i guess.
I kinda got my friend to change my fb so i can't log in. You get my point right?
Au revoir.

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