Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pursenboots,spanish moss,natalieoffduty

Was randomly looking at fashion bloggers and came across some of them whom i used to visit. Their fashion sense is just WOW (okay i just can't find that right word to put in here).
1.Loving that hair flip for spanish moss lookbook. Maybe I'll wanna try it one day and not look like a ghost. (Kinda impossible)
2.Laidback pose while sitting on the streets with a casual smile. Effortlessly priceless
3. What else can i say about this bag!?! Love the colour, shape, everything.
4. Sunglasses! Check. Accessories, Check. Floral blouse, Check. Menu under arm, Check.
5.That vintage camera!! :D
6.Mary Kate Olsen on set of beastly. Love that wicked mysterious makeup beneath the right eye.

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