Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey peeeps, i'll bet you guys are missing me like hell right!
(come on, don't deny) Hahahas. Life has been dull and boring and it sucks to have only 2 parents letters per term. I think we ought to have 4 or maybe more considering the amount of stress and sleep that we get.

Okay so there's NJCC coming up this weekend.
Please please please let us acheive something in this competition cos we'll need to prove our worth to coach and all the bb that underestimate us. K4 1000m - first item, first day. PANIC ATTAAAACK! K4 500m and K2 500m seems to be quite a challenge as well. I seriously don't wanna train so hard for the past year and end up with nothing. Please let everything be well on the weekend. Let lady luck shine on us.

Oh in addition to my crazy schedule, Block Test is just 2 days away.
General Paper, I just started on it. Doubt i'll be able to get something good out of BT1 I guess. Wish me luck. I haven't even started on my Chemistry.

Photos of last weekend's birthday celebration. :)

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