Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ohana, family

'Miracles seem to me to rest not so much upon our faces or voices or healing power coming suddenly near us from afar off, but upon our perceptions being made finer, so that for a moment our eyes can see and our ears can hear what there is about us always'
-Willa Cather

The sun was up, the sky a sheet blue with marshmallow clouds hanging above.  There was a wind that  dispelled all the  doubts of the night; comforting and reassuring. 'Gulls swooped and soared over the water before diving, hitting the surface and sometimes coming away with breakfast - in the form of a wriggling fish.' It was not long before she turned to see her face. The sight of her smile was sweet and tormenting; she felt her eyes well up with tears. No words needed to be exchanged. The silence and embrace was enough - it was a both a gesture and a language for the two sisters, after they parted 5 years ago.

Reese held Rossete's hand tightly, part of her afraid to let her sister  slip away from her again. She ran along the beach, past their house and into their garden, with her sister trailing behind her. Like old times, both of the lay side by side on the grass. Reese had the rarest of feelings, overwhelming and incomprehensible, she had no words to describe it. She had so much to say, yet neither of them spoke. They just lay there, silent and both with their eyes closed; it seemed like they time traveled back into the past. She saw her sister making pretend-tea-session with her soft toys, a stuffed bunny with a pink bow on the right ear and the stuffed bear she called brownie, donned with a red and navy blue checkered scarf around its neck. Then she saw her wearing a princess outfit. It was her 6th birthday, she was running around whisking her magic wand, turning butlers into strawberry shortcakes, the clouds into angels and giving life to inanimate objects.

As her mind flashed images from the past, she unknowingly let a tear creep down her cheekbones. She felt rosette's finger on her face. She looked up and smiled.  She knew that no matter which continent or time zone rosette is in, no matter how far they were apart from each other, nothing would have mattered. They had each other in their hearts.
 "Ohana means family- family means nobody gets left behind." - Stitch, Disney
Models: Nina & Krista (Ace Models)
Photographer: Maria Petri
Stylist: Danai Simou

Written by yours truly.

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