Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Photographer: Chris Colls
Stylist: Aya Kanai
Makeup Artist: Nam Vo
Model: Clara Alonso

"One learns to control and suppress it. But it doesn't lessen. It simply hides and concentrates itself in more discreet places. When someone accidentally stumbles into one of these abysses, the pain is spectacular."
-Nicole Krauss

What happens when it all depends on that one letter. What if that letter never comes.
One sentence was all it took; unlocking all the carefully hidden shadows with such ease.


Mik said...

the pictures are really beautiful. I cant stop staring at the last picture

although, I have NO IDEA what the text is about, there is some profound sadness to it :(


camerafilmroll said...

Love the sexy get-ups!

Seraphina L. said...

Thank you my loves :)