Saturday, April 14, 2012

Midnight was her sunrise

She took a quick look over her shoulders, at the corner of her eye she could see your back view. Afraid  you would found out about her untimely arrival, she quickly hid behind a pillar covering her mouth afraid that you'd notice her gasps for air, as if the huge distance between us was transparent to her.

If she looked straight into your eyes and told you all her thoughts, everything might fall through. She was hesitant. She took on the role of being a director and a script writer in her mind, imagining and directing each scene. Some were sculpted to fulfill her fantasies and others were drawn for the melancholic side of her that desires tears and heartaches.

Putting on a front in front of you was her ultimate decision, it was the only asylum she could go back to without breaking apart. She was slowly engulfed into the shadows. Your midnight was her sunrise. 

Photographer: Mert & Marcus'
Fashion Editor: Karl Templer
Hair Stylist: Paul Henlon
Makeup Artist: Lucia Pieroni
Model/ Actress: Keira Knightley

Additional images and exclusive interview-Interview Mag

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