Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love by H&M

Fashion Against Aids.
Directed by Dan Martensen.

Initially I would dismiss this act as a way for corporate organizations to promote and increase awareness of their brand, in a bid to create rocketing sales figures. Why would I say so? Based on the fact that we (ie. human beings) are born selfish, we would desire for self-satisfaction more than the need to help others. We would purchase the shirt or pants that caught our eye and once we see a poster saying eg, part of proceeds go towards charitable organizations, we would satisfy our materialism and ease our conscience-that we contributed to improving another person's life. Yet, it would be naive to not give recognition to these little efforts. At the very least they are indeed doing their part for the society, no matter what objectives they have, a little would be better than none at all.

A little 'General Paper' thought that came to my mind.
It's ironic- i feel that the campaign is good. Three cheers for the theme.

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