Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gaps in the teeth

As she lay on the grass at the secret hideout they used to visit, the questions would remain, the regrets would sting and the memories fading.  Sometimes she wonders: is what i'm chasing an impossible goal. Sometimes she wonders what you were like before we met, then again sometimes she wonders whether it was all meant to be.

Yet another day, oblivious to the bustling urban life, she walked the same old familiar route for fear one day of amnesia. She fears one day of losing the memories that are blurring with every breath she takes. She recalls the time when she stumbles upon the truth that you never meant for anyone to find out, the days that you let her fall and the future you fed her that was just a mere concoction of lies. 

Photographer: Tim Ashton
Stylist: Jess Roberts
Hair: Luke Davis
Makeup: Peter Beard
Model: Jennifer Gilmore


NaNa said...

Hey these are beautiful photographs <3

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

Wida said...


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