Monday, April 2, 2012

Deep sleeper; well that's me!
Even if thunders roar, my bed ends up over the waterfall or in the event where i roll off my bed; I doubt my eyelid will even twitch. Perhaps you may even hear snores!
I came across this article on the mystery of deep sleep.

"Deep sleep is a time of nearly complete disengagement from the environment. It is very difficult to awaken a person in deep sleep, and children in this state may be nearly impossible to wake up."

"There are also psychological benefits of deep sleep. By rapidly reducing sleep need, this stage of sleep is an especially refreshing part of the sleep cycle, unless you are wakened out of it, in which case you will feel very sluggish and may have sleep drunkenness during which it is unsafe to drive. Some recent neural network research also indicates that deep sleep may be important in helping clear the brain for new learning the next day."

I guess that last line is the main reason why one of the pleasure in life (for me that is); is to sleep without having any disturbances at all -- no alarm, no phone calls.
PS. I can sleep anywhere and everywhere

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