Saturday, June 18, 2011

Glimpse of hope

Okay studying not productive at all but look guys, i did try to study though. :D
Like flipping through books and pressing calculators are rather good attempts made. (to me that is) Sighs, who am i kidding right. I seem to have forgotten the goal that i 'carved' in my mind. And I seem to be far from my goal right now. Time is running out fast for me but that sense of urgency just fades off day by day. (don't ask me why, I'd want to know the answer too)

Really hate this feeling of uncertainty where I seem to have no power or assurance for anything that's happening in my life right now. I'm trying my hardest to stay sane and stress-free but it just seems impossible. I have no idea since when did i become so pessimistic.

'We do not live in hell, we create it'

Hell yeah, thumbs up! Totally agree with it.
And today, I found out more about the of people misusing the everything that's been given to us and started feeling depressed about this whole shit again. Be it music, language, nature and even relationships; we seem to have taken it all for granted. (I'm sorry I'm guilty for this too).

Well what do i mean?
Yes, now we worship auto tune instead of talented vocalist. We salute the rich with ignorance. I didn't said there was anything wrong about such stuffs. I said it before didn't I, I'm guilty too. I listen to auto tune songs every now and then and I am soooo in love with high fashion. But I guess I'll start to minimize getting involved with these.


i found solace in this, thank you John Lennon and PFC.

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