Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love it.

I'm in love!
I'm in love with the month of may. Thank you for bestowing the countless holidays, off-in-lieu and also the polling day. WAHAHAHAHHAHAHS. On top of that, thanks for making some of my annoying teachers sick so they would skip school. I really needed a break from one of the lesson especially. Hahahhaas.

My ever so mundane life never changes. It's just wake up, school, eat, sleep. I feel like i'm gaining weight! SERIOUSLY! Ever since i've stopped training i haven't gone running or tried exercising other than doing NAPFA 5 stations. I feel a bit unhealthy. Just a little bit. And my study sessions has not been productive at all!!!! Totally great man, considering my BT2 to be in a few weeks time and then there's prelims and that freaking hell A lvl. GG!

Okay since it's like the election period, I went to see the infamous tin pei ling girl and compared to nicole. Okay just looking at the online response about her is demoralising. I kinda feel she's gonna bring her part down man. The opposition party seems much more promising.
P.S. this is just my opinion.

& School's beeen boring but i made some time out for outings - shoppings!!! :DDDDDDDD
(okay, ever since training stopped i feeeeeeel so empty!!! I'm toooooo freeee)

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