Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't quit your day job

Mad ass mugging my way for as long as the holiday lasts cos' it seems that schools are screwed up. I feel that they kinda purposely put exams after the holiday to test our self discipline. To see if we can do away with temptations like playing, tanning, shopping.... But for me i think the biggest biggest temptation ever in the holidays is SLEEEPINNG!! Yes, you read it right. I can sleep like a log for like 12-13hours straight (longest record)

Okay maybe there are times when i will force myself to wake up and get my butt out of the house to study but, it never really seems productive. There's actually a part of me wishing that 2012 will end soon so i have an excuse to just partayee with my girls... but... sighs. Oh and then there are the temptations of retail therapy when i'm kinda bored with studying. Anyway greatest excuse to use now is : It's GSS what, I should buy now before the prices go up again.
(I'll bet you think this way too right!)

Well, i am totally not looking forward to going to school for the extra lessons. Like seriously, just give me a real break please. I'm hanging with my dear life onto this mad ass college route i've chosen for myself. Trying to be as sane as i can ever be.. Okay i need to be satisfied with whatever i chose and just live with it. No matter how many times i grumble over my choice, i still won't have the guts to take a chance and try something different. What a coward!

On a brighter note, i actually have stuffs to write about other than school..
This actually means something! SOCIAL LIFE!

My visit to haji lane! :)
This is way cool! A tokyo bike shop in the middle of haji lane.
The colours are waaaaaay pretty and guess what, they let you do test drive! :)
Total thumbs up!

I'd want a postbox this cool!

Saw this great 'holy' bright sunlight creeping in through the windows!

Next stop. My cousin's wedding.

In love with the lighting! :D

On our way home, we never forget to do this.

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