Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hereby still surviving

Totally can't get enough of schol man.
I'm totally having fun doing all the tutorials, paying attention throughout all the lectures and actively finding my tutors for consultation... Woah, but i gotta wake up. This is reality. No matter how hard i try to brainwash myself to be that goody goody student, i can't.

Studying seems to be more of a chore now. Perhaps we just can't take the load but we have no other choice in this materialistic society... I wanna flyyyy~ Take a loooong vacation somewhere. Maybe volunteer overseas or just travel? (backpacking!!) sounds totally great right. Blah blah. I know i ain't making any sense now.. I'm hungry and braindead..

Okay, i'll try and survive the week and get back to you all.
Flea, Food for thought, Fun on saturday.

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