Monday, April 18, 2011

I feeel like a whole anchor is released from my leg. The whole burden is totally gone and i can finally eat the foooooood i like. I can go home early, i can sleeeeeep late on weekends. I can finally say TGIF.
I'm sooooo gonna eat char siew rice, black carrot cake, roti prata, satay, sambal kang kong, stingray, sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour pork, gyoza, hotate, mee goreng, pattaya rice, pizza and and and the list just continues man...... Can't list everything i crave here anyway.

Okay anyway, A divs is over.
GOOOOOOD JOB SA CANOEING TEAM. We fought hard, we gave it our best shot and we acheived something i never thought i would get. A family! Thanks for everything that you guys have done. From encouraging each other - all the screaming, the shouting, the sweat, the craziness, the operations, the happiness, the lack of sleep seriously everything. People say that they would remember their secondary school life vividly for the rest of their life but i beg to differ. You guys are the best i don't think i can ever forget all those crazy days man. Thanks for the memorable days people. In case you thought we lost, we didn't okay. We managed to clinch a third placing. :)

Anyway, it's time to be a student again.. (damn it)
Time to catch up on my studies.. Massive copying of notes, rushing out homeworks and consulting tutors/ peers this few weeks i suppose. But I think i would prefer to play a while first bah. Maybe give me a week or 2 then i'll switch back to study mode. And YOU REALLY NEED TO HEAR BALLAD OF MONA LISA if you haven't. It's on repeat for idk how long already man.

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