Sunday, March 27, 2011

The sun is setting

More photos next time.
On the other hand, I'm kinda dead beat from all the ridiculously stressful JC life that I've chosen to take. I know i'm not a quitter, i know i wanna finish it no matter how hard it takes but i really don't know how much longer i can hold on anymore. A levels you asshole, stop screwing with my life.

Then there's training.
I really really really wanna claim victory and medal from all the last year's training. I don't want all the sacrifices, tears, sweat, fatigue and aches to be for nothing. SERIOUSLY. But i don't know if i can adapt quick enough to 2 paddles and 2 different boats. I know i shouldn't be using 'i dont know' now, but i just can't help it. We need more time to train and get used to each other but time is really running out. 15 days left. I don't want any regrets whatsoever. I wanna look back at my life and tell myself i completed this, i achieved something, it was all worth it. But i'm not really sure what to do to actually achieve it anymore.

I need the k4 girls to have the same goal, same thinking and the same strong fighting spirit. No more excuses, no more blaming each other, no more conflict, no more playing politics. We are one, we must be able to read each other, be alert and just row our hearts out. But i don't know if i can tell them this alone. Sometimes i just get sick and tired of the discussions that we have, cos' in the end it just amounts to nothing or it'll be 'okay we'll think about it later' kind of thing.

15 days left.
Blind faith to succeed and trust in each other is key to attaining victory.

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