Friday, November 12, 2010

Wear your headgear day

As quoted from a certain someone " Soooooooo AWESOME right "
Yeah, S29 outing was totally (Y) cos we're just freaking awesome-ly cool! And do not forget, today is crazy NADIA'S SPECIAL DAY!!!
THIS IS FOR YOU NADIA!!! (doubt you'll even read this but still...)
HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYY GAAAAAL! Stay as crazy, gleeful and full of nonsense okay. You're getting wiser and wiser!! Hope we made this day unforgettable!

Anyway, back to the topic - HEADGEAR DAY.
Today we've had a robber, ah beng, ms 'xiaxue' and the rest of the normal plus prettayeee mates meeting at the buffet. Well, don't be jealous yeah. Listen listen, we ate SAKAE BUFFET. (totally sinful, gonna hit the gym tomorrow)
Being the glamarous gluttons we were, we ate everything beautifully without making a loss.

DueDate was disappointing!
I'd seriously wished to watch MEGAMIND!! Why did we change the movie at the last minute????? && sidetrack, guys all eat YIGLOOOOOOOOOOO!
Current Yiglooo craze now.

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