Sunday, September 19, 2010

bon voyage my dear

I totally wanna convince my father to let me adopt a dog. I've totally fallen in love with them, annoying my group with the question: 'I wanna go in and play with them!' Am totally gonna volunteer when i have the time. Most probably after As since december will be jam packed with massive training session.

Making the video till late.
I feel damn bad. Mabel, I'm sorry I couldn't send you off today. I'm gonna miss you sooooooooooo much kay. Bimbo hurry come back okay (even though you just left like a few hours ago). I miss the times when i sat next to you calling you bimmbo. You were crazy over all your pinky stuff that I couldn't stand (up till now). Then there was the talking nonsense, gossiping, sleepovers and shopping sessions! We'll do everything again with the usuals yeah. Love you.

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